Our History 

For the past 20 years, Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center has devoted itself to providing the vital services that bring meaningful results to our neighborhood

Our organization serves the community from within, ensuring a positive change the can last for generations to come.



Our Commmunity

NLURC is located in the diverse west-side neighborhood of Cudell, one of the hardest hit areas in Cuyahoga County for HIV infections. 

This past year, we provided services to nearly 1000 individuals. Tearing down barriers of language, race & poverty that prevent so many from receiving the care they need.

Our organization seeks real, lasting change. 75% of our clients are people of color, and we are committed to breaking the cycles and preconceptions present in our community from within. 

Our Growth

Over the years, NLUC has adapted to meet the needs of the community.

We now help over 600 people yearly meet their housing and nutritional needs; and our legal clinic initiative has been a breakout success, providing invaluable legal counsel to over 250 people. 

In our neighboring county, we recognized a growing need for our unique services, so in 2008, Nueva Luz officially began working with our friends in Lorain County. Stronger than ever, NLURC is in a position to bring community-focused care to more people than ever before.