Cleveland Office

2226 West 89th Street
Cleveland, OH, 44102

Phone: (216) 651 - 8236
Fax: (216) 651 - 6620

Mon - Fri (9 AM to 5 PM)


Lorain Office

221 West 21st Street, Suit #1
Lorain, OH, 44052

Phone: (440) 233 - 1086
Fax: (440) 233 - 1089

Mon - Fri (9 AM to 5 PM)


Staff Directory



[Chief Executive Officer] Max Rodas

[Chief Operations Officer] Kim Rodas

[Case Aid] Susan Yao

[Fiscal Controller] Francisco Alfonzo

[Reception] Evelyn Malcom


Case Management

[Lead Medical Case Manager] Jean-Luc Kasambayi

[Medical Case Manager] Janeen McIntyre

[Medical Case Manager] Talya McKnickles

[Medical Case Manager] Mayra Perez

[Medical Case Manager] Alison Jakubowski

[Non-Medical Case Manager] Glorimar Quinones

[Non-Medical Case Manager] Matthew Dougherty

[Non-Medical Case Manager] Octaveya Lowe


Housing Services

[Lead Housing Case Manager] Ida Mendez

[Housing Case Manager] Beatriz Velez

[Housing Case Manager] Arelys Lugo

[Housing Case Manager] Belinda Smith

[Housing Case Manager] Devin McLaughlin


Legal Clinic

[Director of Legal Services] Nolan Stevens

[Staff Lawyer] Lauren Hamilton

[Paralegal] Robert Rodriguez


[Lead Instructor] Robert Antio

[Youth Program Coordinator] Nathan Rodas


Nutrition Services

[Nutrition Coordinator] Enrique Rodas

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