Adelante is free after-school service created to teach young boys and girls the importance of self-discipline and healthy living through Chinese martial arts. 


SHaolin Values

Sharing the same value as Buddhism, the Shaolin Temple teaches students to first understand the Tenets of Shaolin Kung Fu before they ever execute a single strike or form. Students are expected to memorize and recite these eight tenets to pass their first Level Ranking test. 

The Tenets of Shaolin Kung Fu embody the Buddhist virtues of pure-minded concentration, fairness, and righteousness in all social interactions, including the training hall. 

Bonds of Strength

By partnering with the Cleveland Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, Nueva Luz's Adelante program aims to create fun and purposeful learning opportunities in a safe environment for boys and girls alike.


Martial Arts Master

Founder of the Cleveland Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, Robert Antio is an accomplished, well traveled instructor and long time practitioner of Chinese Martial Arts specializing in Traditional Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. His endeavors have led him to attain a fine pointed knowledge of not only Shaolin fighting forms and techniques, but Tai Chi and internal meditative arts as well.

Enroll Today!

To learn more about Adelante and how to enroll your child, please call the numbers provided and check the link below to learn more about the Cleveland Shaolin Kung Fu Academy.


Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center

2226 West 89th Street
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 651 - 8236

Cleveland Shaolin kung fu acadamey

4189 Pearl Road, 2nd Floor
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 282 - 4ZEN